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The Villa has been part of the family since 1800 when the great grandfather of the owner, Elena, discovered the area when he came to Casperia for work. He fell in love with the beautiful region of Sabina and decided to buy this property. It was used for many years as the house of a local farmer who also took care of the land until, in 1992, Elena decided to use it as her home.


The restoration to transform the house into a Villa took 3 years, thanks to the work of many local craftsmen and Elena's ideas it is now both warm and elegant. The interior design is influenced by Elena's time in England, where she lived for a few years, whilst the outside of the building features the original stone keeping the Italian countryside feel.


Elena and her family come here often to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Close to Rome, it is a land untouched by mass tourism, where nature is still intact. Its landscape of gentle hills is scattered with Roman ruins, medieval castles, lakes and natural parks.




Via dei Pioli 17, San Vito, Casperia, Rieti - Italy, 02041 / villacasperia@gmail.com


+39 335 393 330

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