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Villa Casperia is located in Sabina that is an Italian territory which, not suffering the same fame as Tuscany, has remained undiscovered for centuries - even since the famous 'Rape of the Sabines'.

The Sabina is a small region in Latium, just fifty minutes northeast of Rome, at the crossroads with Tuscia of the Etruscans, Umbria, and Southern Tuscany. It is a land untouched by mass tourism, where nature is still intact. Its landscape of gentle hills is scattered with Roman ruins, medieval castles, lakes, and natural parks.

Sabina is also easily accessible: a comfortable train service connects several stations in the area to Rome and to Fiumicino international airport.

Our land is the ideal place for a quality relaxing holiday in a beautiful country setting off the beaten track, where one may enjoy the quality of life, food and a most precious and authentic sense of hospitality.


Casperia is considered as one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy, an oasis of peace that the modern world has passed by. Come here at sunset when the mist is rising and the magic is complete. Since the twisting streets consist mainly of shallow steps paved with cobblestones, there is not a single car to be seen or heard. You can feel the stress oozing out of your system.

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